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Tips to Achieve a Better Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is something all professionals struggle with at some point in their careers. The fight between keeping your career thriving and spending precious time with your family or doing things you love can be stressful and difficult, especially for financial professionals.

Achieving harmony between your work life and your home life isn’t easy, but it is important, and it looks different for everyone.

“I think the culture of Securities America is very congruent with that sort of a [balanced] mindset,” said Chad Parmenter of Mirus Planning. “They are very supportive of our practice being efficient . . . to make our life much easier.”

Here are some top tips to help achieve a successful work-life balance:

  • Schedule everything. While scheduling meetings and work tasks, make sure you also schedule in down-time for yourself and family activities, so you aren’t overbooked, and you have time set aside to unwind.
  • Minimize time-wasters. How often do we “quickly” check our social media accounts, only to find ourselves two hours later in a Facebook wormhole? It can be difficult to track how much time is wasted on such activities. Try installing a screen time app to help you realize how much time is spent on non-fruitful tasks.
  • Trust your team. You’re part of a team for a reason. Rely on your team members to help with tasks you may not have time for or tasks that can be completed without your expertise. Having trust in your team can help you divvy up tasks and skyrocket results.
  • Be engaged in your personal time as much as you are in your professional time. Put your phone away. Turn your email off. Engage in your personal life without the distractions of your professional life.
  • Allow yourself to say no. You don’t have to take on every task that is asked from you. Remember that everything you say yes to is a no to something else – what’s most important and deserves your yes?
  • Design your environment for success. Our environments are a powerful influence on how we engage with the world around us. Creating a boundary between your work life and your personal life may help you give more time and attention to those who matter most and allow you to be at your best so you can best serve your clients.

While achieving an appropriate work-life balance is a great goal to strive for, sometimes it isn’t feasible. There is a natural ebb and flow with balance, and it may fluctuate depending on the time of the year or the circumstance happening with your family or your business.

Mary Ann Gubler of Synergy Financial Advisors says that instead of trying to achieve balance all the time, understand that there are times when your work and life will be out of balance and embrace it.

In achieving your work-life balance, remember that the most important thing is to find what works best for you, your personal life, and your practice.